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Definitions regarding the Rules Empty Definitions regarding the Rules

Post  whitefox4114 on Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:49 pm

For those new people who don't know what a forum is here are some things you should know.

A post making absolutely no sense at all. Like say a topic regarding music is going fine. Somebody posts in it saying "I like cookies" or something of that nature. That would be considered spam. Spam would also be considered one word posts like "cool" "lol" or something of that nature.

Flaming is when a member insults another member. This is a serious violation due to the fact that the community must maintain a peaceful atmosphere. Even though you don't like someone, don't make it public please.

Minimodding is a rule non staff should follow. I know most of you are trying to follow the rules and all, but don't go overboard. By that I mean, don't mod if you're not a mod. For example, if someone is spamming then you could tell them, but if you just leave it at that, your post would be considered spamming too. All posts must follow the topic.

Bumping is something you should not do. Unless you have insightful information you would like to present, don't do it. Topics within a week old are considered active. Other than that, don't post nonsense and small posts in older threads. If you have a good lengthy information storage of information, then it is allowed. Just tell us you are bumping in your post, then continue with your valued information.

Feel free to make suggestions if I need to add any more things.

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