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Post  Delinquish on Fri Jul 04, 2008 5:52 pm

Theres s many bloody arts section and yet no where to pose this Neutral

It's called scratch, and if you get good, it can be mint.

I've made a game that I'll tyr and but on photobucket or something so you cna download it. Have a look at some the thing speople have done on the site too.

It's best if you just download and learn how to use it by looking at some of the flahs cards (in the support section of the site)


PS. It's late at night, my computer lags cus it;s got hardly any memory, so theres probably typos everywhere, right now, I cannot be bothered to go through my post, bye Very Happy

Crucio wrote:
Scwiggle wrote:I've made a signature, I've hosted it everywhere, it's coming it in preveiw fine, But when i've made posts it's not showing up and yesh i have clicked save and everything.
Can anyone help me out?

Do a barrel roll.

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