my gimp siggys!!!

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my gimp siggys!!! Empty my gimp siggys!!!

Post  jjthejetplane945 on Thu Jul 17, 2008 7:03 pm

i made this like 10mins ago..well i finished it 10mins ago..
my gimp siggys!!! 2ndbrisiggy
n i made this one yesterday![ i like dis one better]
my gimp siggys!!! Briannasiggy

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my gimp siggys!!! Empty Re: my gimp siggys!!!

Post  Crucio on Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:08 pm

Okay Gurl, all this hatred aside. I consider myself a graphics design artist and this..really did make my eyes bleed.

Even though not as good as photoshop - GIMP can really produce some amazing effects much better than that of, pain or Paint Shop Pro. I would really recommend following some signature tutorials in order to get your graphics capability up to maximum potential. If you need some example tutorials just PM me and i'll provide you with them.

Gurl, these images are awful.The background's are not in the least bit eye catching, the images are unblended and the text just sits on top. This doesn't even deserve a rating.

This doesn't mean give up. My first signatures were probably worse than the ones you were creating now and I had already been in the photoshop business for a year!

Good luck with any future signatures.


And here you thought it'd be a bad post Wink

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